Thursday, April 17, 2014


Hi all my lovelies!

This is a short post but I'm just so excited! (It's not much, believe me.)
I've made a barrette!

The ribbon rose was silver, which I made according to a pinterest tutorial here:

The beading lace was from a fabric store and I got it ages ago but never used it. I love my new barrette

By the way, I am currently crocheting a drawstring bag, but it's looking filmsy :( 
I'm using lilac crochet thread, which is pretty cheap, it's not much more expensive than acrylic. I hope it turns out well. I'll be posting pictures soon. 

Song of the day: Rap God by Eminem! 

And in the meantime I'll be making more barrettes! (I've always wanted to start a skirt but that is a helluva lot of hand sewing for a girl whose parents refuse to buy her a sewing machine.)

Oooh, and check out Dolphin's blog here: (Still not as good as mine!)


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