Monday, July 7, 2014

Long Time No See! Dress Review + General Life + Japanese Culture + Gleekathon!

Phew! It's been a long time, everyone.

I'm still into Lolita! And plus, Fairy Kei and Cult Party Kei as well now ^^ I love the crazy over the top accessories and the fact that petticoats are worn on the outside (I don't have good fairy kei pettis though - I've only white ones!) Also the peignoirs and crosses got me into cult party kei :) I expected to be more of a gothic lolita but turned out to be more sweet. Still gothic sometimes though.

I wish I could wear makeup...I'm not old enough yet, just 14. I'd have to wait a few more years! I'm just allowed to wear lip gloss now. Tough luck :/ I won't wear it with lolita though, my eyes would all but disappear if so.

My ordered dress has not arrived! Well that was a waste of money and time. But I have ordered another one ^^ pictured below

A Taobao replica of the Chiffon Angelic Princess JSK by AP.
I like blue - I look slimmer in it :D The dress was beautiful, with only a little stain on the waistline that's barely noticable and the quality of chiffon is good. Some of the lace is bad lace and some is good, but it'll do. The bow ribbons though...shiny, shiny nylon. A no-no. I may or may not replace them with grosgrain ribbons.
I've also ordered a couple other things from Taobao (and received a couple)...I'll do another post on that.

I've been watching anime. The first three seasons of Rozen Maiden and half of the fourth - I found it too boring and stopped watching it. My favorite is Hina Ichigo, she's so cute! Shinku is also really great. I think I'm a cross between Shinku, Hina Ichigo and Suiseiseki, based on personality. Also, Black Butler is amazing. Lady Elizabeth is so adorable! It's funny...a year ago I thought anime was stupid and Japanese culture was lame. Now I love it! I couldn't speak Japanese though. When I have mastered my French I might learn it.

On a side note, I will be visiting the Hong Kong Ani-com with my friends this year! It's our first year for all of us, I'm not really sure what to expect - but I'm sure it'll be fun, won't it?

I have also been going crazy on Pinterest. Which makes me want to DIY and make plushies and amigurumi! Yay! I have stalked every single lolita or fairy kei diy pinterest board there is!

I hope I get a sewing machine for my birthday! I'd really like one so I don't have to hand sew everything which takes ages. I have hand sewn a Red Riding Hood cloak out of costume satin before just for fun :P It's tiring to hand sew everything though. I have given up on making skirts because the hemming is torture.

I have also made a lamp out of a petticoat and MDF with an LED light but that's a work in progress...I'll post pictures up! It's an awesome school project!

I'm still busy with school and stuff (yup, still a few days left, holidays start late over here) but I'll post more often I promise - at least once a week!

Does anyone watch Glee anymore? They're doing reruns now :) I had a Gleekathon the other day and watched 10 episodes (from Season 2, although I skip the episodes I dislike - I know them by heart anyway!) in one go! New record!

I'll do a post tomorrow showing my crafts! And may do reviews.


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